Monday 8 April 2013

G... is for Glasgow!

Glasgow is to Edinburgh what groom is to a bride. He is west to her east, handsome to her pretty, strong to her fragile, imposing to her shy. Glasgow is the most handsome city I know. The gravity of George Square, the somber plaques that say Merchant City, the burnished dark gold of its buildings... they make you take it seriously. They speak to you in a gruff edgy voice.
It is big, busy, important, and fun. It looks like a proper city and it has the steepest streets; they seem vertical to me! I love Glasgow too, in a way different from how I love Edinburgh. I like the bustling-ness, I like how I usually can't understand a word Glaswegians say, I get excited at flyovers! (yep, no flyovers in lil' Edin).
I do not understand the sense of fashion though... if I had the money to spend and the option of shopping at Glasgow stores, I'd look fabulous! I'd look effortlessly chic, is what I think to myself every time I look at the windows of shops there... Scotland's pretty incomplete without good ol' west coast!

Winter evening, George Square

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Janice said...

Ooooh.... I so want to go to Scotland! This makes it clear why! I hope you enjoy the A to Z! I have been loving it!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!

Anne Mackle said...

Yes Glasgow's best but then I'm biast.
Is Anyone There

Udita Banerjee said...

Sujata: Thanks :)
Anne: I agree, Glasgow's fantastic. But I'm biased towards smaller cities, so I'm glad I'm in Edinburgh.