Saturday 27 April 2013

X is for... the Saltire, of course!

The Saltire is the beautiful national flag of Scotland. It has a large white X on a blue backdrop. The patron Saint of Scotland, St Andrew, was crucified on a diagonal cross instead of the traditional cross. Apparently, this was because he felt that he wasn't as great at Jesus and felt that he shouldn't have the same cross. The Saltire is the oldest continuously used sovereign flag in the world, having been in use since AD 832 - or so legend has it.
I love how you can do anything with it! By that, I mean, you can hoist it, fly it, drape it, weep on it, click happy pictures, make memories... in India one can't do anything at all with the Indian flag (read: Flag Code of India)! I know that this safeguards the fact that no one can disrespect it... but in the light of the current state of India, do we need a flag to show our disrespect?
Anyway, here is me and the Saltire!
Glencoe, with Piyush, Nippon, Vishesh

Loch Ness, with Vishesh, Nippon, Piyush, Nessie!

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Anne Mackle said...

Hi visiting from a-z challenge from facebook.I live in Glasgow are you in Scotland too? Will have to look through some of your other letters,great post.
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