Wednesday 24 April 2013

U... is for Urquhart Castle!

More on castles, this is a very very famous one. You wonder why you haven't heard of it? Well, that's because you have heard of it as the Castle by Loch Ness :)
Yes, Nessie and her stories do overshadow everything, don't they? So, Urquhart was a castle that wasn't built for strategy at all! What harm could come to them from a Loch really, other than wee  monsters! But, quite the contrary, this castle was built for people to live in, sort of like a huge mansion. The ruins that exist now date back to the 13th century. Earlier that that, it was apparently a Pictish fort, with objects that date back to the 6th century! Ancient... However, the castle looked very different in every century that it has seen.
Many modifications, including the extra fortifications, were added to it as and when required. Of course, like all other castles, invading it was seen as messing with someone's powers and so, it was the victim of a number of seiges and loot and plundering; but what remains today is still very impressive and picturesque.

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Crystal Collier said...

Awesome. I wish I could see what it looked like before it was in ruins. In fact, I wouldn't mind a wee bit of time travel along the way. The history is fascinating.

Paula said...

Another wonderful castle!

Sharon said...

Wonderful photos. One day I will visit!

Udita Banerjee said...

Sharon: You should, it will be an amazing experience.

Unknown said...

Wow. Wish I'd discovered your blog earlier, I love castles!

Rinelle Grey