Wednesday 3 April 2013

C... is for Cramond!

Cramond is a beach. It is located about a half hour's bus ride from Edinburgh towards the north-west, where the River Almond enters the Firth of Forth. I went to Cramond during winter break, it was a very cold day. The bus dropped us off at a place which seemed like the end of the world, no trees, just a few shrubs, a few sheep on the hill slopes, and wind. Oh wind... it was blowing and whistling and generally creating a ruckus.
The seaside is beautiful, not a traditional sandy beach, but more of a driveway. People jogging, walking their dogs, kids playing, the usual.

There's an island a little way off into the sea called Cramond island. Wiki tells me that it's a mile into the sea. The really cool thing is that it is connected to the mainland by a really narrow, ledge-like path that gets exposed at low tide. You can walk into the sea! I haven't been there, we didn't know about it and by the time we were there the tide was up and there was no sign of a path :P

Someday, for sure, must go back.

This post is part of the ongoing A-to-Z Challenge. Previously, Aye, Berwick.


Paula said...

I love beaches of all kinds...and a path through the ocean to an island would be way too cool!

Anonymous said...

I too love Crammond! Wonderful Scotland. ;-)))))

Teresa Cypher said...

So neat! A low tide path to an island! I hope you get to go back and make that journey! :-)

Tony Laplume said...

Another great place to visit! My family made a ritual of visiting Bailey Island off the coast of Maine. It's a shoreline with a rock structure that's fun to climb around.

Udita Banerjee said...

Thanks everyone, I do hope to go back soon!