Tuesday 22 November 2011

through charm-bracelet songs,
find the land of the torn,
the beings of darkness,
lost, love-lorn.

find defiance, lost faith,
tear through in mad haste.
love the gypsy-carried child,
and watch starlight go waste…
Perhaps this too, is real.
Maybe it is hard to believe
That these cold, foggy mornings
Of self-doubt and fear,
Really exist.
Maybe it is hard to hold on
To slippery hands
With slippery hands.
Mute voices of silence surround
Your screaming deaf echoes
And your mind whirls.

You cannot escape from
The web of deceit
That left you frozen
And still,
Like dewfall, lost
On a stormy night.
Perhaps, this shall never pass;
Maybe because this too, is real.

Saturday 5 November 2011


I have gone back to the packing up and moving. It's just as bad, because I didn't really want to move. To make up for it is the fact that the new place seems very nice and the new roommate, very nice too. Let's see how that works out. I'm looking forward to not ever having to live alone again (provided the one I live with is fun). Sigh... my room is a mess, I have wayyyy too much stuff than I should. What to do... such is life.