Friday 21 January 2011


I turned here,
There and all around
Built my towers
From molten wax of angels.
Acid rain spurted
From ripped gashes,
As beliefs kept drowning
Into pools of self doubt.
Were you listening then?
When I spun songs
For you, only you.
Or did you, like other strange men
Were letting the phase pass,
So acid could pour again?
Harness my thoughts,
Before ‘Dear Diary’ too
Closes its doors and
There’s only a candle to write…

Thursday 20 January 2011

Gemstone Dreams

When the pale candle flame flickers
Ever so slightly
And the shadows of water shift
To form sapphire landscapes,
Let’s meet in the dark caverns
Of perfumed grapevines.

Tell me then,
About the muse of the unfinished painting
That clings onto your collarbone.
On our way back,
We’ll follow the garnet trails
That you left to lead us back
Did you know, then,
That we’d be lost?

Leave the windows open
And I’ll show you
Through emerald leaves
The dance of the pixies.

If you stay the night
And the morning too,
Then we shall make poetry
Out of amber sunshine.

The skyline becomes a
Shifting mirage.
Black onyx eyes stare dazzled
Over the veil, through
Purple palanquin windows
With amethyst drapes.

As we wander down to the rippling
Foam on the lazy pearl coastline,
Take my hand and feel the surf on your feet
When clandestine pain shall
Leave you, I will love you again,
Even as she watches us.

When it all ends,
When you walk away.
Trails of my rubies, dripping one at a time
Shall faithful
Follow you
Into the agate night,
To the diamond stars…

Wednesday 12 January 2011

In the lost town of strange maladies, dawn gardeners grow frosted roses.
Tulips bleed colour into leaf cups of desire.

Have you heard the winds howling back at wolves, naked, rugged?

Wisps of black smoke licked the orange tongues of flames.

Don’t you blame blue for your pain.

Is all this light bleeding for salvation?

Vice-peddler, did you see the green-tongued snake? It was charmed.
Were you too? Or were you faking it?