Tuesday 27 May 2014

Interview with Extraordinary Normal Folks

I got featured in an ongoing #interview series!
Read about it here!

Also because this is a good way to get to know me as me, the person behind the space :)

Wednesday 7 May 2014

#A-to-Z #Challenge #Reflections Post 2014

This year's challenge has been mixed feelings for me. As always, for the third time in a row, I have enjoyed having a daily post to write about, to think about, and to strive towards. However, I haven't been able to network the way I did the last couple of years. Partly, this has been due to my lack of planning and ending up with a theme that proved really difficult to write upon.
Also, April proved to be unusually busy! I hadn't expected it to be quite so intense, a lot of lovely travelling, a lot of holidays with the family, casting my first vote in the largest election in the world, among other things. So, all in all, I'm not too sure if I will come back to do this next year - but that's too far away to worry about!
I'm very proud of S, over at Failed Experiments & Experimental Failings, who finally managed to get her writing juices flowing at her third attempt at the challenge. What a lovely theme, and what enjoyable posts! Another big shout out to T, over at Scouring Monk, who I owe big time, for taking the time to read each one of my posts, and coming up with some hilarious ones of his own :)
I’d like to sincerely thank the organizers, hosts, co-hosts and helpers of the challenge. Good job!
That's all folks!
This is the reflections post for the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge 2014.
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