Saturday 29 August 2009


I found them all,
Those fallen stars,
On the sun-drenched
Sidewalk, trampled
And left friendless.
What would they
Have wished for,
I wonder…
Eternity, so soon?
Or perhaps,
They wished for their light
to reach a few
light years ago...


In death I waited,
For your sudden smiles
Songs that you sang for me.
Four turns I took,
Till you found out
More than you could see.
I’d told you once this
Very thing,
To let this winter be
To let the screams
Of butterflies
Make them set you free.


A lament resounds
Through the forest
Of a failed long gone lore.
Drops of dew
Like silent tears
Grace the tips of the leaves.
Every passing moment
Witnesses the passage of
Myriad emotions.
Leaves have withered.
Buds have perished.
Flowers have dried
And a new day dawns
Marking the funeral
Of last night
Its revelry of death.


Here fallen leaves will wait,
For you to pass them by.
Remember how we carved those roads
And walked, never stopping?

Here the wind will still,
Mutter your name in wisps.
That is the only song
That you and I taught them…

Here a badly drawn girl,
Will try to paint you;
While all the colours that you touched,
Will try to be free.

Sometimes I shall wait
At the bend, playing hide and seek;
Waiting; so I can lose myself again
In your world, in that forgotten town…