Saturday 6 April 2013

F... is for Forth Bridge

This is a strange post. I haven't been to see the Forth bridge, but it's been on my mind. Especially, I can spot it every time from M8 (that links Edinburgh and Glasgow). And funny thing is, I'm going to see it on Monday, I think it looks gorgeous! It goes over the Firth of Forth and links to Fife (you could literally pick out an F word out of those!).
I'm leaving you with a picture of the view of the Firth from Edinburgh Castle, and another of the bridge itself.
Once I'm back on Monday from my three day trip, I will update this post with one of my pictures :)

Iconic and marvellous, isn't it?

Update: The Forth Bridge is so magnificent that I have no idea why anyone would rave or keep going on about the Tower Bridge in London. I have been there as well, and it isn’t half as impressive as this! Cantilever bridges are wayyy cooler. Anyway, this massive maroon beast is huge and beautiful. If you can, do go.

This post is part of the ongoing A-to-Z Challenge. Previously, AyeBerwickCramondDisability, Edinburgh.


Tony Laplume said...

Seeing the Benjamin Franklin Bridge was a touchstone moment for me.

M said...

I'm jealous you get to live in such an interesting place. (I almost got my Ph.D in Cardiff.)


Bhavya N said...

Wow!! It really is stunning.

Bhavya from the AtoZ Challenge blogging at Just Another Blog

Changes in the wind said...

Love it! Happy A-Z challenge