Thursday 24 April 2014

U... is for University

I went to a terribly crappy high school, every one hated me. I was only there for four - five years and it sucked. What was awful too was that I didn't really want t learn anything much - maybe it was teenage angst, maybe it was a crappy place, what ever! But I have always enjoyed University.
I have been lucky to have attended two very beautiful Unis in places with great natural beauty and while I may not have enjoyed every single module ever, I have worked hard for those. Now that I'm learning through correspondence, it is a strange new experience. I find it very hard to maintain self-discipline and make myself work towards a new goal every day, but I'm working on it. My exams are in June so I really need to up my game now soon. Fingers crossed! But I do like Uni, just as I liked middle school!
This is the twenty-first post for the April A-to-Z Blogging Challenge 2014.
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Tony Laplume said...

I enjoyed the arts scene most of all, whether it was the poetry readings, the art galleries, the plays, the music acts. I don't have near that kind of access anymore.

SENCO Cat Herder said...

So pleased you are enjoying your education now - it is horrible to think that anyone has to endure school. As a mother I have this to say - enjoy and make the most of the life and opportunities being at university allows you - as a teacher I have to say - get on with your revision!! Popped over from A to Z Challenge thanks for visiting me

Michelle (A Thousand Lives Lived) said...

Great post!

Please visit my blog,

I'm also participating in the A-Z Challenge, and my theme focuses on books and the title of the book that I post about will begin with the letter of the day!