Thursday 24 June 2010

To Manipal - II

There are songs that, in my head, will always mean Manipal. Songs, that have been frozen to certain places, certain minutes… and every time I hear one of those songs again, I am transported back into those moments.

Leaving on a Jet Plane – John Denver: Practicingfor Paroxym Oct, 06, having mass-bunked BE (Sid, Soumitro, Nupur, Ronnie, Mridu)

Zombie – Cranberries: Meeting Anamol for the first time, singing at Revels Audition March, 07

Annie’s song – John Denver: singing along with Neelav, Anamol, and Fern… walking back to college from behind the Archi building

Iris – Goo Goo Dolls: Singing with Neelav on the bike, on some road around Badagabettu Oct, 09

November Rain - Guns 'n' Roses: Souvik. Forever. And the chats...

Broken – Seether & Amy Lee: Performing at Campus 18 (seeing Vishal, Sujata, Dhruv in the crowd) Jan, 08

Rocking in the Free World – Neil Young: Classic # performing at Edge Mar, 09

Smoke on the Water – Deep Purple: Being the groupie while Anamol, Devdutt, Dube, and Navneet practiced Feb, 09

Blurry - Puddle of Mudd: Sahil's endless attempts at cheering me up

Sultans of Swing – Dire Straits: CRI, Revels Jan, 09

Teenage Wasteland - The Who: Nupur & I, laughing out heads off, at the video

Shine on you Crazy Diamond – Pink Floyd: Cool Beans, Anamol and Pratik Oct, 09

Nothing Else Matters – Metallica: Ishi’s party at DeeTee Mar, 08

Sweet Home Alabama - Lynyrd Skynyrd: Utsav in Apr, 07

More Than a Woman - Bee Gees: Endless chats with Srini across rising nights and setting days

Across the Universe - The Beatles: Singing, in perfect harmony, with Pratik and Anamol at the Lake Mar,10

She will be Loved - Maroon5: Walking to and from Railway Bridge for the first time, Chocolate Soldier at Planet Cafe Mar, 08

In the End – Linkin’ Park: The whole LnD party singing, Ishaan being pissed off Mar, 08

Rise Up - Yves LaRock: Class party Aug, 08. Dancing with so many people

Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing – Aerosmith: Singing with Lester, Sep 06

Bleecker Street – Simon & Garfunkel: Nupur and talking to her… night-after-night

Hunter – Dido: Swapnil always wanted the song playing on my comp, whenever she was in the room

Violet Hill – Coldplay: Vasuki and I, at Hill-top, getting wet in the rain Aug, 08

These songs are related to so many myriad emotions, so many smiles, so many thoughts. There are people who I will probably never be close to, again, ever. They have moved on, and so have I. But then, there are the songs, and while it lasted, it was a pleasure.


Sujata Ravi said...

:) You know, when the few of us who are still hung up about Manipal talk, we always wonder if it's something that we're doing wrong, that we're still pretty much in the warp. But it's so cool that they're others , and those who can be so much more eloquent about it.

I love this. So many of these songs are my favourite too. Plus, there's American Pie, which was Hobe and me at DT, all the time.

Udita Banerjee said...

Yeah, it is heartening to know that...
The poem titled 'To my Muse', if you'd read it again, that's also for Manipal :)