Monday 14 June 2010

To Manipal - I

There is a curious emptiness in me - the kind that seeps through all my thoughts and encompasses everything in numbness. My college life is about to come to an end… and it doesn’t seem true.

Four years is a long time, four years ago I didn’t believe it would end so soon. I know that with time, these emotions too, like many others, will fade. I won’t remember the colour of the walls or the graffiti on so many. I will not remember the taste of a lot of the food or the feeling on a lot of different occasions.

I’m scared. I’m scared that there are too many things I will forget, too many people who I will lose touch with, and their faces will blend into oblivion. I’m scared that somehow that’ll leave me less of a person, it being almost an obligation to remember. There are these random people who I met every day, we had so much fun. I will miss sitting in the canteen, bunking classes and having ice-cream for lunch and chatting with a sea of people knowing this would never end.

Life now will be lonely. It will never be the same or even close. There will never be so many people in touching distance who care so much that it hurts. There will never be the time and the spontaneity to catch a sunset on the beach or a trip into the woods. There will never be such revelry, such wonderful celebration of life… And yes, I will be less of a person because life will never be Manipal again…

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