Friday 25 June 2010

These are a few of my favourite things...

Today is the last day of my six month long final sem internship. It was real, and good, and now it’s another phase of my life coming to an end. As I said to all my team members, this is just the end of the beginning.

Now the point of this post being, I have coffee. Innumerable cups have found their way into my system in these past months. One regular thing has been a cup of cappuccino/latte/mocha sometime between 3 and 4 from the CCD in the café. Every single day. For me, it’s like therapy, it keeps me going. On some days, I even argue about the differences between cappuccino and latte and berate them for having stopped making coffee-toffee (I’ve been a CCD regular for almost two years now).

Today, when I was asked to swipe my card, I couldn’t (the day being my last, I had to submit it). The dude who serves me coffee and usually just acknowledges me with a smile asked “Aap jaa rahe ho?”

“Yes”, I replied. "It’s my last day". For dramatic effect, I paused, and continued “I’ll be back on the first”.

“Here only? Aapki job lag gayi?”


“Fir toh aaj aapki coffee free”.

He made me a beautiful large cup of mocha with a smile on his face. The other guy ventured into asking me where I was from and promptly added that I looked Bengali. They both congratulated me. It was a very little thing, a cup of on-the-house coffee. But it warmed me right to the core and for a long long time, I will remember the smiles on their faces as synonymous with the smile in my heart on the successful finish of this internship.

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