Saturday 21 April 2012


S is for ‘Scarlett’.
What a girl, what a woman! She is the epitome of womanhood. A match of strength for every Rhett, a match of folly for every Ashley… This O’Hara is beautiful, brave, cruel, and brilliant. So what if Rhett left her (I do not think that the sequel to Gone with the Wind counts); she was no left weak. No when he played with her, not when he loved her. Bonnie’s death was Rhett’s fault. Period.
Scarlett needed a different man, she didn’t need a charmer, she didn’t need a fool. She was ahead of her times and men just couldn’t catch up with her. Ever since I’ve read the book five years ago, her words have given me strength on many a hopeless day. Whenever faced with trials and tribulations, judgment, loss, and despair; she always believed:
"After all... tomorrow is another day!"

Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara

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JoJo said...

I've never seen this movie. And the Carol Burnett skit with the drapes and drapery rod has kind of ruined GWT for me!!! lmao

Tara Tyler said...

yes, ma'am! unbelieveable movie & book & characters! scarlett was def before her time! she still has tara!