Thursday 20 May 2010


A nugget of truth: most people aren’t happy with their hair. They’d rather have it in a different cut, texture, colour or not have it at all! I have met people with all sorts of hair; long, silky, curled, horribly curled, rough, smooth… and it would be a unanimous vote to them being unmanageable. On the very day you want your hair to settle down, they’ll come up in spikes. It’s almost as if the moment one goes to sleep, their hair decides to play on their heads. The result: an agony filled morning looking at oneself in the mirror wondering why on earth all hair is standing on one end. Then there are the gels, the hair-brushes, curlers, straighteners, oil, shampoo, softener, conditioners, strengtheners yada-yada-yada… they will not listen, they will not conform. You shall be doomed to facing peoples’ looks. But fear not, it stems from their insecurity. Have faith, for they’d rather have hair like yours! All hair has become followers of Medusa…

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