Friday 28 May 2010

Breaking free...

I need to go somewhere, I need to break free. I need to feel the wind in my hair, feel speed, dance in the wind… I need to fly, once again, I need to feel free, not be tied down by the shackles and bondage of this life, this barren everyday life. It is sapping me of life and leaving me dry. I need to weave through space and merge time according to my whims and my caprice. I need to stand atop someplace high and scream…

Take me away,
Through sun and space
Where the rushing waves
And the ebbing sands
Shall melt into me.

Take me away
And lead me to a
Cosmic ball-room
Where the stars shall
Dance with me.

Come, lets weave scarlet magic tonight…

1 comment:

Neelav said...

wishes come true...just believe.