Thursday 22 April 2010


This was written quite some time ago. Its about how nature, in the form of trees, depicts platonic love... the pain of wanting physical comfort and not finding it from the one you love.

Down the road of wintry lights,
Where autumn’s coffin lay,
Where golden days and silver nights,
Have always had their way.

Footsteps etched in coppice, heath
And water lilies born.
Where dawn heralds the dewy wreaths,
That emerald grass adorn.

Azure the skies with cotton clouds,
Brilliant the wind that sighs,
Steadfast trees standing proud,
Reflected in the eyes.

Trees that whispered windy songs
To birds that glided past.
Rippling streams of stories long
Gurgled though the valley, vast.

Two trees that stood on the bank
A lifetime of knowing hence,
Wished upon each other’s flank
Pining for each other thence.

The ash tree, she sang for him,
Her oak, her forever love.
Songs of caprice and her whim,
For her only true love.

“Come to me, O stranger you,
To become one on starlit nights,
To make dreams of us true,
To stretch our arms to greater heights.”

But cannot move the oak great,
Nor can the dainty ash,
For roots beneath the soil stayed,
Not yielding to thoughts rash.

Springs melted into summer heat,
To touch with fingers, was all to do
“Autumns into winter retreat,
But I can’t be one with you…”

“I wish for flight my only one,
To prove my love to you.
If only we were not held down,
That I would be one with you.”

Years passed by in furious haste
Till that one fateful night,
When a storm put all world to waste,
And everything in its sight.

It ripped apart the oak in two
While the ash survived;
Streaks of lightning electric blue,
And a fiery red sky.

Down the road of wintry lights,
Where autumn’s coffin lay,
Are strains of song on lonely nights,
This is what they say…

“O love of mine, my soul of yore
Now you are but free,
From bondage then, for evermore,
Mine in death to be…”

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