Monday 19 April 2010


(to the one who broke all the promises)

If you had stayed,
Perhaps I would've remained too.
This is a strange malady
That you have me in.
A part of me has flown with you,
The other knows not what to do.
If you had known all along,
You should have wished it for me,
The same you wished yourself-
The walking away, the going apart;
And then I too,
Would've found a way
That led away from you.
I wouldn't have hurt and you,
In your stony silence,
Would have heard my nails
screech against the glass
Of my loneliness...


Neelav said...

silence, it's just too bloody brilliant. Keeps you guessing, ever deceiving the one at it. No easy answers here, just a void. People indulge, perish, trying to fill in the holes, but the picture is never complete...

Parting is never easy ma'am, and as a matter of fact, is never completely possible. It is all just a pretense, a hope, a lie, a fear that the one in front, is no longer in need...

Udita Banerjee said...

That's clincher! ... the one in front, is no longer in need... we never really manage to achieve that, do we?
No easy answers, no answers at all...