Friday 23 February 2007


If I was trippy you’d kno
‘cause then for a change
I wouldn’t act drunk….
The dimensionless horizon has
Turned us into strangers
You and i.
And as the sand clock turns,
The storm whips past
I have tucked in the strands
Of my hair, they are the
Only things I control now.
Spring has found us again,
But we lost us somewhere
In the dry oases,
Where you seemed a mirage.
Yes, we are strangers now,
If I was trippy,
Would you still know???


Anonymous said...

thats a good piece of poetry, one which makes sense. carry on... and yes i would still know coz

"though the oases is dry,
and the mirage may lie
but you and i..."
well thats a different story..

Anonymous said...

strong..intensely personal....but i've seen ur best in nother verse i think....

Anonymous said...

strong yet sweet..intensely personal...but i've seen better xpressions in junior verses...those carried a flighty pain in dem...dat seemd to hav stagnated here.....