Saturday 17 February 2007

Frozen (thoughts as I turn 18)

Gathered moments have turned into seconds,
Into minutes and hours.
Those in their turn have shaped
Nights, weeks, months
Which have moulded into years gone by,
My easel is washed dry.

The paint brushes are lost
White is night and hope is right
The eternal mindblind poem
Haunts the smiling tear.
18-a new year.
No change, life in candy pink,
Midnight blue
Shocking, choking hue.
Talking to the mirror
Another year, another shiver.

Memories rolled into a rubber ball
Of love, trust and faith
Wounds, hate.
People going and coming, living and
Dying, laughing, crying
Grieving, mourning, flying
Lying, trying
I watch, fathom
The relentless sunshine.


Sahil Ganguly said...

Like always,you're poems are good!Happy Birthday again and enjoy being 18!

Anonymous said...

The person above me didnt 'read' ur poem...sorry i cant stop analysing...anyway,nice way and a very nice day to 'launch' ur blog on...

i loved this always disconnected thoughts are always welcome when ure talking to me!

there was chaos in this poem...troubled words of a troubled mind...trying to understand the world while trying to grasp a firm hold on education dat fucking makes u or breaks u in india...and this really sux...guess it has only broken me till now...

however...u aint like kafka...u dont leave the reader in agony (u rolled everything up in a rubber ball-''Memories rolled into a rubber ball.Of love, trust and faith. Wounds, hate...'')
..but i still lie withering in pain after readin this...i lie like u,dried up,tied up and dead to the world and....''Frozen……''

good this on orkut yaar...and really sorry for not remembering ur b'


Unknown said...

Hey roomie..........just wanna say 1 thng 'u r subtle but can't be malicious' & dats wat ur wrt ups & poems itrts......
few lines fr a newly trnd 18.....
Feelings r lk snow-flks
D softr it falls
d longer it,
Let d twlght of 18'th
alwys wth u evn if u trnd

Unknown said...

hi dear,
ur easel is filled with colours of my friendship..
ur paint brushes i've found..
paper flowers are still there..
golden hues..cinnamon flavours-
excruciating pain will dissolve
in the light of,
U still being my Goddess of Imaginary Light...
lots of luv,