Friday 25 February 2011


Come, little girl,
Let me ease your pain.
What is it that happened?
Did you fall down?
Or did the bully around the corner
Be mean to you?
Come, little girl,
Hush now, in my arms
You shan’t be weak anymore.
Did you lose your way
And were scared to not find home?
Did you shudder, little girl,
Were you lied to?

What is it,
Little girl,
Won’t you tell me now?
Won’t you rest your tired little heart
And shed those tears on my bosom?
Your bonnie curls,
With wet tear-streaked edges,
Are matted against my skin.

Hush now, little girl,
Speak to me and
I will comfort you…

Love, you say,
You fell in love?
With the blue-eyed cherub
That won’t love you back?
He doesn’t like your flowers?
Doesn’t play with you?
You love his angel voice,
His dimpled cheeks?

Oh, little girl,
What have you done?
You’ve stirred the hornet’s nest
Of life…
Oh, little girl,
I’m afraid; I can be of no help
For though your five year old self
Should turn fifty
Love shall only hurt.
Love shall only hurt.
Love shall only hurt.

So cry, little girl,
Sob your poor heart out.
And I shall pray that
He’s washed in your tears
And reborn unto you...

1 comment:

Chhavi said...

Hey.... a sweet composition.... However I disagree with one thing... Love doesn't always hurt..... It does at times.... but thats true for almost all the things in this world..