Friday 3 December 2010

To Manipal IV

It has been a year since I left the place, since I left Gauhati too, but that’s for a different post.

It has been the most eventful year of my life, a year of twists and turns, surprises and disappointments. I have come from being unsure to being slightly sure, I do not know which is worse. I have met new people, befriended some, and loved some.

I have met a couple of people who are going to be close to me throughout my life. Yes, the year has been fruitful. But somewhere lingers the steady pull of the languid sunsets and the beach, the lazy moonshine and the fervent partying, the discussions and the conclusions. When time stopped absolutely still, then dragged, but found me on the other side of four years nonetheless.

Somewhere deep down, as I walk down office corridors, I still feel that soon it will be time to go back to magic land. Almost there… I think, as I go back for three days for Convocation. Not so much for my degree but for the relaxation, in the lap of everything that is good (not necessarily positive, but definitely good). I know this is the last time, the next time will come much much later.

But I am looking forward to going and secretly wishing that I don’t need to come back. But the slight joy: when I board my return flight, I’ll look forward to office and the people special to me here…
the grass, the field, the other side, the greenery...

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