Wednesday 8 September 2010

Running Backwards

Tracing your wounds
Back to where they belong.
Leading into one another,
Forming roads that lead backwards.
Falling, falling through space
Through time,
Through words,
Into her eyes.
Tears form puddles on those roads
Without milestones
Endless, infinite,
Like the songs
She heard with you.
Your tears,
As they mingle with mine
In infinite waiting,
Endless, within and without,
Like those roads
That lead backwards.


Pre_Dator said...

these verses of urs transcend the ‘blog’ commonplace.. r u sure u wanna lay them out like this in a public forum?

Udita Banerjee said...

You flatter me!
Well, it is very rare to find readers (if any!), with exceptional insight. So I doubt most people give it a second thought :)

Pre_Dator said...

yeah actually doesn't matter what's the readership quotient is when something evinced is pure emotion.. agreed most ppl wouldn't get the essence..