Friday 9 July 2010

To Manipal - III

I have lived in big cities and small, fast cities and slow. And I have always felt that big cities change a person, mould him/her into it’s own shape. Even a person like me has managed to go shopping to counter depression and loneliness and feel momentarily better on swiping the plastic.

Then there was a magical land called Manipal, where the sun was yanked out by its ears in the morning by the cacophony of hostelites and at the end of the day, it dipped lazily into the sea. People who came in first year complained and whined of the slowness, the non-availability of good food, missing home, missing shopping. Three years later they cried, at having to leave, at having to let go. The boys became men, and the girls, ladies.

Manipal was witness to the transformation. When awkward teens became suave talkers, shy adolescents became charmers. As I go back another time, the last time as a college student, I have a feeling in the pit of my stomach that all will be fine when I get there, all my problems and disappointments will vanish and I will be at peace. Like the wind on the sea, the breeze through the trees, the salt-laden air hanging heavy and low, I too will relax.

Big cities mould you out, small towns soak you in for life...

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pRasad said...


This is my first visit to your blog. I guess, Manipal is really close to your heart..

Have you completed your graduation from Manipal university?

I am following this blog..:)