Thursday 4 March 2010

To the 'Tea'

There are these coffee vending machines at work which spew tea that has a lot of froth on it. Yes, I like drinking tea. So when I get myself a cup, I find a quiet corner. Bubbles on it... big ones, small ones and all sorts... they keep bursting. It's a beautiful, whispering sort of sound. On some days, it sounds like the crinkle of wrapping paper when gifts are being opened; on other days it's like the rustle of leaves. I weave stories around those sounds everyday, and for those five minutes, until all the bubbles burst, I stay lost. I ended up drinking 9 cups of tea today and heard, with my eyes closed, sounds from the inside of a conch-shell to dew falling in the wee hours of dawn. It was a good day...

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