Tuesday 19 February 2008

Bridging the miles

as the mist rolls up the silent valley...
i looked all over for you
come take my hand and we'll reach
an old tower made of smiles
breathe in the frosty air at the top,
and promise you wont let go.......
i'll touch your arms with longing sighs
and you could whisper my name,
while i dream your replies
bring me a mirror for the same
and let touch make it crack
to free me with you ....
take my hand, we'll fly to unknown heights
of lost fairies and golden knights
where they dance away the storms
amidst clouds and snow
and time blossoms in mauve buds
in the diary of desires below


rishabh said...

the vision offered in these lines are brilliant...its so coherent though subtly ended...a bit of rhyming scheme would not hurt....no prizes for guessing who you were lookin for am sure hehe...nice post

deluded said...

excellent poetry......

you really should make a book or something.