Wednesday 3 October 2007

Move, I need to put my foot down !

I’m not a regular blogger,
I do not claim to be.
I am not what you think I am
Or even what you see.

I hate many things about my life,
Ones I’m supposed to like.
I hate pink, I hate disarray;
I love black and I loves bikes.

I do not know everything,
But I know I know enough;
To take me through each day
Whether easy or tough.

I believe one can fight
And give up fighting still;
But at the end of the long, long road
Destiny triumphs over will.

With all of me I choose to love,
And in the same manner I hate.
One can hurt me all they want
I forgive, but never forget.

I’m not a regular blogger,
I do not claim to be.
Sometimes I’m not good enough,
If you read on you’ll see…


rishabh said...

ya u not a regular blogger n the randomness in confusion,ideologies,convictions n philosophy really prevails....i really liked your post...can see a lot of myself in your writing...but one point destiny is made by will n it does not prevail...n trust me on one thing u never know enough n that is all u need u know...:)

Neelav said...

wont write much.........
liked it very much, very expressive. simple yet effective usage of vocabulary....