Monday 12 March 2007


this was written over three years ago...long time i know. sifting through diary pages brought me to it....

I've been screaming all night,
the sounds that they don't get.
Not their fault,they're far,far away,
they've walked into the blazing sunset.

I tried to tell them my fears,
my face tainted with tears.
All that I ever held dear,
is no more near.

I've been talking to the shadows,
the moonbeams caressing the bed,
of the carved etched rock,
a halo around my head.

Its morning already,
I've been awake all night.
This lost
hollow deserted...right.

Look here he comes now
to me, oh at last.
He put the lilies beside my head,
don't leave,not so fast.

The scent of white lilies
rhythmic mourning...
They still cant hear me scream
and silent while I yell.
I talk and listen
in my grave...
the carved etched rock
around my head...
the ground
now my tomb.....
now my bed.

1 comment:

Neelav said...

that is mighty good.....nice rhyme, rythm and an interesting way of presentation......