Saturday 19 October 2013

*Massive NEWS*

So, the background being that Book Week Scotland (25 November to 1 December 2013) is about celebrating books and reading in every part of life in Scotland.More than 330,000 free books will be given away during the Book Week Scotland campaign this year, including 150,000 free copies of a new short story and poem collection celebrating the most treasured possessions of various Scots.
"Treasures" is a free book for all of Scotland to share, celebrating the nation’s most loved possessions. Aaaaaaand, my piece is in it. And, one of the eight book covers doing the rounds of Scotland -Tada! I am going to be in 150,000 books and on the cover of like 37,000!

More info here:

Pick up a copy if you're in Scotland; what can I say, one more reason to be here!
*skipping around with stupid grin on face*


Tony Laplume said...

That's excellent! Congratulations!

Anne Mackle said...

Well done! Great photo! You're famous!